• Accessory

    Also required for old or vintage bikes, racing bikes, road or city bikes from 1960 to 1990. The bike accessories allow for easy use of your bike, improve your safety or make your bike unique and beautiful than the others...

    So our chain guards (or chain guard) bicycle clips protect your clothes dirty

  • Antivol
  • Balls and Balls cage

    Ball cage and ball bearings. The ball cage contains ball bearings to your pedals or for headsets. We selected different sizes of balls and cages compatible with models of old bikes. If in doubt about the size, please ask us!

  • Derailleur

    The derailleur is a major part of your bike, it moves the chain and sprockets on the trays and multiply thrust.

    Our front derailleurs and rear derailleurs are compatible with models of old bikes, vintage

  • Bottom bracket

    The bottom bracket is a central element of the bike, it allows the connection between the pedal and the frame, it is subject to significant constraints... Several parts and accessories are useful to replace a bottom bracket: keys (9mm x 40 or 9,5X43), a bottom bracket that can exist in different dimensions (123mm 128mm), different screws and bowl ...

    It is sometimes difficult to find the correct size, do not hesitate to ask!

  • Cable

    brake cable and cable derailleur stainless steel for old bikes come in various lengths. Cables can be used for vintage bicycles  1960 - 1990

    It is recommended to regularly lubricate the cables brakes and derailleurs and avoid high-pressure cleaning

  • Toes clips

    Toes clips in chromium steel and leather belts in red, blue, brown, for your racing bike or road bike vintage Ideal to restore an old bike to the same mythical bikes of the Tour de France or give your fixie a retro touch .

  • Cap

    Bicycle vintage caps, all colors (red, yellow, white, orange ...) all the legend pro teams in the Tour de France, the Giro and the Vuelta: Merckx, Brooklin, Reynolds ... These caps ancient cyclists are perfect for your retro vintage look

  • Chambre à air
  • Handlebar

    The hanger is part of the handle which is connected to the frame by the bracket, it is the bike part for guiding it. Several forms of hangers are possible, hanger road racing, flat or mustache, steel or aluminum, all compatible with your old bike.

  • Light

    Front and rear lights retro style lights, round or square fire, this accessory is essential for your safety on your retro style road bikes

  • Entretien
  • Brake caliper

    The bicycle brake caliper front or rear is an essential safety part on a road bike, race or city.

    We must choose its brake caliper according to the size and model of the rim (700C 650B ...)

    The brake caliper allows the brake pad support carrier containing the pads caouchoux.

    Our brake callipers, pads holdes and pad are selected for their compatibility with models of vintage bicycles, old bikes from the 1960s to 1990.

  • Fork

    There are different types of forks depending on your old model of bike: road bike or racing bike, fixie ...

    straight or curved forks chromed steel rims 700C or 650B.
    There are also different types of headsets suited to your wheel and your vintage bike

  • Sheath housing

    red, blue, green, black, white sheath housing ... all colors possible for a bike sheath housing, because, the brake line on a road bike or a bike race retro, it's an important aesthetic element and it is well give color with the color of the frame (or the cap)

  • Gloves
  • Guidoline bar tape

    Handlebar thick quality fabric, red, blue, green, yellow, all colors for old bikes or modern fixies. The choice of the color bar tape is an important aesthetic element to restore your old racing bike or create the most original of fixies.

    Also available chromed plastic caps handlebar for a clean finish.

  • Jante

    road bike rims, old or modern racing fixie wing nut and front / rear

  • Head set

    The headset is an important part of your road bike, racing, it can rotate the fork and therefore the bike ...

    There are different standards, different diameters and different models depending on the fork from your old bike, feel free to ask us

  • Brake levers

    aluminum brake lever compatible with models of old bikes, urban bike city bicycle. The brake levers are fixed on the handlebar (multiple diameters) , they actuate a cable coursing in a sheath in order to clamp the two arms of the brake caliper which carries the pads.

  • Shifters levers
  • Bookstore
  • Objets publicitaires...
  • Tool

    The tools to fix your bike, change a tire away from home, tighten bolts, tighten the cables of brake or derailleur

  • Pedal

    The pedals are an essential accessory on a bike, it is to choose depending on the type of bike, urban, road, but for their esthetic, colors pedals, steel or aluminum pedals ... with reflector, perforated, with footrest, there are many models. We must also be careful not to screw thread or French foot pedal English thread ...

  • Crankset

    1, 2, 3 chairing, steel or aluminum, 42 teeth or 46, and shaft length cranks ... the choice of pedals is crucial element of the bike is very important to restore your old bike, do not hesitate to ask for advice.

  • Tire

    Tires, inner tubes, and glue (dissolution) for your old bicycle and vintage. Diameter 650 or 700, compatible for old road bike

  • Handlebar grip

    plastic bike handles, leather, of all colors, red, green, blue, for all types of hangers, handlebar, to restore an old vintage racing bike or build an urban bike, original fixie

  • Pump

    The bicycle pumps are an essential accessory, Presta type fittings compatible with your old road bikes or city

  • Bottle cage water

    A selection of saddle bottle cage or handlebars light aluminum or stainless steel for bikes for years 1960 to 1970 to carry your bottles and water bottles plastic or aluminum

  • Stem

    La potence est la pièce du vélo qui maintient le cintre et forme le guidon. La longueur et l'inclinaison de la potence conditionne la position du cycliste sur son vélo, elle doit donc être choisie avec soin, n'hésitez pas nous demander pour choisir la bonne potence compatible avec votre vieux vélo ou votre vélo de ville

  • Bag

    Rear saddlebags or tool kit for old racing bikes or drive, plastic or synthetic leather. Saddlebags type perfect vintage to go with your old bike or make your urban bike or fixie

  • Saddle

    synthetic leather saddles of all colors (brown, white, red, green, blue ...) for old bikes type vintage or modern urban type or fixie

  • Bell

    Bell old bike, vintage, original, design or to restore your old bike or beautify your fixie or urban bike

  • Seat post

    aluminum or steel seatpost for old bikes, vintage or fixie. Various diameters and lengths for compatibility with your bike model. The seatpost is an important part of your bike, it determines your position on the bike, feel free to ask us.

  • Screws

    A bike has an incredible number of small hardware parts, clamping, cache, stops, nuts, washers, bolts, hex screws, screw fireplace, serrated washers and cap nuts ... often difficult to find the right parts for repair or restore an old bike, feel free to ask us.

  • Moutain bike
  • Cyclist gifts

    Because making a gift to a cyclist is always complicated (what threading, what size, what brand ...?), We have selected bike parts and accessories that will surely go on any bike cyclist).

    The products presented here are examples, you will find full of beautiful vintage bottles in this category or other models of saddlebags here

  • Monte Grappa
  • New old stock

    Old, new parts!

    To restore your bikes identically, these parts are original but never unpacked.

  • Plastic cam
  • Mudguard

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