Peugeot water bottle vintage in aluminum

  • peugeot-vintage-water-bottle-cyclist-bike-bicycle
  • Peugeot water bottle  vintage in aluminum
  • Peugeot water bottle  vintage in aluminum
  • Peugeot water bottle  vintage in aluminum

Peugeot is a French bicycle brand created by Armand Peugeot in Montbéliard in 1882. Inspired by the British "grand-bi", Armand Peugeot created his own French grand-bi. On the strength of its success, the grand-bi gave way to the innovative bicycle with equal wheels and chain drive in 1887.

In 1890, the creation of the bicycle "La Lion" represents a turning point in Peugeot's history. This lightweight model, intended for women customers, is a great innovation with its swan-neck frame, the model is also equipped with a chain guard and a wardrobe.

From the 20th century onwards, the company turned to the manufacture of competitive bicycles and created two-speed models by turning back wheels.

Since 1930 Peugeot has been associated with the Automoto brands and Dijon's Terrot cycles, the brand purchased them in 1962 and 1954. Finally, at the beginning of the 1990s, bicycle production faded due to excessive Asian competition.

In Stock

Peugeot bottle. 

100% French manufacture (Pyrénées-Atlantiques).

material: aluminium for food use, cork.

finish: glossy, finish 

the label is varnished, it can withstand water projections.

diameter : 74 mm - weight : 82 grams - height : 185 mm

condition: new

Our cans are copies, inspired by old cans from the 30s to the 50s.

Not suitable for modern classic bottle cages, due to the rigidity of aluminium.

We can make customised water bottles with the label of your choice (old bike brand, sports event...).

Do not hesitate to contact us.


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