Mafac - 2 brake caliper pads

Mafac - 2 brake caliper pads
  • Mafac - 2 brake caliper pads
  • Mafac - 2 brake caliper pads
  • Mafac - 2 brake caliper pads

The brake pads on a bicycle are essential components of the braking system. They are the parts that come into contact with the surface of the wheel to generate friction and slow or stop the movement of the wheel. Brake pads can be made from a variety of materials, such as rubber, composite materials or even special compounds to improve braking efficiency.

In Stock

2 Mafac skates (original).

the Mafac brand is clearly marked on the brake pad

for brake Mafac Racer, Mafac Dural Forgé...

origin : France

shoe length: 40 mm

condition: used, average wear, see photos.


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