Bike part

It is one thing to love the old bicycles, but a vintage bike must be earned ! Pieces pour vieux vélos Even if we love our bike, we do not stop to disassemble and reassemble it piece by piece, to make it even more beautiful. For that matter, the bike part, for a passionate, it’s like a treasure hunt, we spend hours to find it and it’s still quite a pleasure when we can finally try it. Assemble a vintage bike can be a real building game when you put side by side all its parts… Belleri handlebars, rims Mavic, Atax stem, brake calipers mafac, you can quickly get lost in all this, but what a joy when all bike parts give birth to the bicycle of our dreams.

For this, we offer you the largest number of bicycle vintage parts, to help you in your quest for the Holy Grail. Finally, to complete your work, do not forget to fixed to your vintage bottle holder, your old aluminum bottle, as did the legends of the Tour de France fifty years ago, and nothing can prevent you from riding the old bike for hundreds of miles. 


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