Vintage bicycle

vintage bikeFor us, a vintage bike is an old bike made ​​before 1980. Be careful, not to get lost in all the names, some call them old bicycle, retro bicycle or classic bicycle, but our passion for these old bikes is the same. Our old bicycles are mainly European and we offer brands you probably know : pedaling a bike Peugeot, Gitane or Campagnolo is still more fun than sit on a bike saddle plastic made ​​in China, is right ?

old bicycleAt home, we love the vintage charm of the after war bikes, and even more old, because the vintage bicycle is like good wine, more it ages the more it is good. What a pleasure to see these bikes collections remind us with nostalgia, the great figures of the Tour de France. Besides, if you want to go back in time with us, join us at the Anjou Velo Vintage in France, in June. It is the biggest meeting of old bike, the kingdom of the bicycle classic, or all the fans that we are, come together to discuss old bicycle or find a fork, a frame set, an accessory : the unobtainable bike part.


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