Repair bicycle

A sidewalk a little too high, an inevitable pothole, a badly negotiated turn and this is the breakage ! After treating your scratches you will have to care of the bicycle, and it’s not the easiest. How to repair old grandfather bike, with his parts as valuable as hard to find ? Repair of vintage bike is not always easy, but it is still possible. velo d'occasion Roll up your sleeves, locate the old tired part and replace it with a spare part in full health that you will surely find on the site. If the mechanical problem asks you a poser, or if you can’t find the specific bike part you need, cast a glance at our page dedicated to the repair of your favorite bicycle, and we will try our best to help you. An old bike is not like these new cars where we can’t even change a light bulb without a professional repairer. No, no, you’re the repairman, but what pleasure to revive the bicycle of your own hands !


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